Paulownia as Construction Material

Paulownia as an industrial material was first used in China. Nowadays, Paulownia wood is very popular for building purposes all over the world. Generally, Paulownia wood is used for finishing works as a building material, and for furniture production.

Paulownia wood is actively used for house building. The main advantage of Paulownia wood is that it dries very fast and without any deformation, while the breaking strength of the timber is very high.

Paulownia wood can be used almost everywhere in home decor. Blinds, piles, beams, ceiling, joists, lining boards, parquet, facing materials, window frames, doors and furniture can be made from Paulownia wood. Paulownia is a perfect material for whittlers due to its softness. Combination of hard ignition and lack of deformation makes this wood an ideal material for the most sophisticated woodcarving. Smoothness and lack of knots are just one of the futures in the quality list of this wood. Beams made of Paulownia have a very useful feature - they can hold screws at the very edge and do not crack.