About Paulownia

Paulownia is the genus of rapid-growing trees from Paulowniaceae family.

Paulownia originated from South-East Asia. This tree is widely-spread in Japan and Central China (for instance, there are 2.5 million hectares of cultivated Paulownia in China!).

All the Paulownia species are rapid-growing trees. When selecting, the species the low temperature resistance must be taken into consideration. It’s known, that Paulownia tomentosa is resistant to the temperature -27°С, Paulownia elongata is resistant to the temperature -16°С, and, quite the contrary, Paulownia fortunei is not tolerant to any temperature below 0° С.

The most popular Paulownia species are:

·       Paulownia catalpifolia

·       Paulownia fargesii

·       Paulownia fortunei

·       Paulownia kawakami

·       Рaulownia tomentosa / imperialis