Company History

MicroCrop GesmbH is located in Vienna (Austria).

The Business of MicroCrop: 

  • Developing, marketing, and sales of Paulownia plants and related technologies
  • Production of Plant Doubled Haploids in important agricultural crops
  • Developing of Plant Doubled Haploid Production technologies
  • Consulting services in plant biotechnology and plant cell culture to world-wide customers for sustainable, environmental friendly and efficient agriculture.

MicroCrop develops and introduces innovative, effective and environmentally-responsible and friendly products and services to make advances in future technology.

The Company Mission Statement: Market leader in developing, producing and delivering to customers world class plant bio- technologies and products, which are based on innovative methods and which contribute to an environment-friendly and profitable production of food for farming communities in Europe and other parts of the world.

The Company Vision Statement:

  • Provide experts for better customer solutions
  • Employ the best of science and high-tech as a core component in modern plant breeding and biotechnology
  • Become the world leader in Doubled Haploid Technology and Paulownia Biotechnology