Growing Paulownia

One of the most important factors for maximum growth and development of Paulownia is regular watering during the first two years. Once the root system reaches aquifers (usually on the third year of development), there is no need for watering any more. The most effective way of watering is drip irrigation. However, if there is no such possibility, use the furrow irrigation. One sapling requires 1-2 watering per week with about 50 liters of water in total.

In case of growing the trees for timber, straight trunk could be obtained by careful removal of unwanted suckers, and leaving the growing leaves at the same time. This leads to the growing of tall and slender trees.

While the seedlings are small, weeds development of young Paulownia. Herbicides could be a good solution for cereal weeds; however can be a big threat for the foliar weeds should they be removed by hand. It’s useful to earth up saplings within a radius of 30-40 cm.