What is the best time for ordering and planting out seedlings and saplings?

The best time for transplanting is after the last danger of frost has passed; probably it is better to wait a couple of weeks to make sure that the ground is warm enough. It is possible to plant out till the end of the summer. In Uzbekistan adapted Paulownia seedlings can be planted out from March till the 20th of July. Saplings can be planted in February and March (before the first buds appear).


I bought seedlings, but I cannot plant them out immediately. What am I supposed to do?

Do not worry about it. Your seedlings require some time for adaptation. Unpack seedlings immediately, store them in an illuminated place, and water when necessary. The best thing is to give them 7 - 10 days for acclimatization before transplanting them to permanent place.


What kind of agents can be used to control weeds and pests?

You can use the same agents that are commonly used for agricultural crops like wheat, cotton, corn and many others.


Are the leaves of Paulownia toxic?

Paulownia leaves are not toxic. On the contrary, due to the high content of nutrients? which the tree extracts from the soil and accumulates in the leaves, they are a perfect fodder for livestock, and a natural fertilizer for the soil. Furthermore, Paulownia leaves can be used as mulch.


Do the roots of Paulownia destroy sidewalks and paths, if planted along the roads or in the parks?

No, because of the vertical structure of Paulownia roots, which are rather straight and grow deep. This quality of the tree is also useful in the case of joint cultivation with other cultures: Paulownia roots are not damaged during the tillage between rows (plowing, harrowing).


Today, not so many people know about the wonderful Paulownia tree, but prestigious companies and manufacturers all around the world are already buying and using Paulownia wood. We believe, that in the nearest future Paulownia tree will give rise to the new trends in the wood and furniture industry, and will become a basis of alternative energy sources programs.